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Abrasive Media Reclaim Systems. The abrasive blast media reclaim system is comprised of a floor reclaim and an abrasive separator. The media reclaim floor design can vary from simple “sweep-in” designs to “full” floor reclaims which recover all the abrasive through a grated floor. Abrasive media reclaim designs vary based on the manufacturer and In large abrasive blast rooms and aircraft hangar systems, media can become contaminated. Even with the best cyclone separators, nonferrous, nonmagnetic materials and sand can be mixed with the media.

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Use with all types of abrasive media. CYCLONE SEPARATOR Unique design of the separator function provides a cyclonic effect for more efficient cleaning of the blasting media. This results in longer media life. EFFICIENT HEAVY-DUTY 2-STAGE FILTER Long-lasting filter requires less maintenance than conventional types. Filtration is 99%+ efficient per SAE FINE DUST TEST.

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Maintenance free baffle type separator. STOCK #, DESCRIPTION. Cyclone separators are typically used in an API Plan 31 arrangement and incorporated in the seal flush line (API Plan 11 ) from the discharge of the pump.

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The MK Separator continuously cleans abrasive particles laden water for optimal bearing & seals lubrication. Filter inserts are no longer required.

• Best suited for glass bead or fine media in medium sized cabinets. • Internal filter screen traps debris.
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Phone: (586) 296-5900. FAX: (586) 296-5836. 1-800-587-4626. Top Rated Products. TRINCO™ Sodium bi-Carbonate (Soda) Blast Cabinets.

TRINCO 300 CFM Abrasive Separators pull both media and dust from the cabinet. Dust and contaminants are removed  Moisture Separator. Helps reduce the amount of moisture in the blasting system, for smoother flow of abrasives and reduced contamination of controls.
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Moisture removal equipment - highly efficient, moisture separators from 200 to 1600 CFM. The separator is piped from the discharge side of the pump where the abrasive laden fluid is found. It is then circulated through the separator, which removes a large quantity of the abrasive particles and leaves a cleaner fluid to be directed to the seal chamber. This provides better circulation and reduces the temperature at the seal faces. Plan 31 relies on a “cyclone separator”, sometimes called an “abrasive separator”, or “hydrocyclone” to remove the dirt from the process fluid.

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The key advantages of a pneumatic abrasive recovery system: Economical system for relatively light-duty applications.